How to Log In Router IP

The IP address stands for Internet Protocol Address, which consist of 4 sections of numbers separated by a point i.e.,, this is a 16-bit based address scheme. Every device has its own IP address used to communicate by connecting to internet and computer. The address part in IP addresses is more like a home address like a return address you would write on a letter you would send.

Most of the IP Address are IPv4 address where “v” stands for its version, and it can generate up to 4 billion unique IP addresses. Although they look like a simple address but still a lot of us/you might not know,” What really is IP Address(es)?”, “How does an IP address work or connect?”, “How different IP addresses are assigned to each different device?” etc. all these questions might pop up in your mind too. Therefore, in this article we will share the basic features of IP address which might help you to understand the functioning of IP addresses.

What is IP Address is usually reserved to be used in private networks i.e., in other words we can say that it is a private IP address. Being a private IP address means it cannot be accessed directly from internet as it comes within a private network and it is generally used for local or home networks.

Any IP Address used in typical home or local/small business ranges within –, which makes IP address the last usable address. is used as default IP Address/Gateway by routers such as TP-Link, Linksys routers/modems, 3com router/modems, billion modems/routers, Netopia Cayman gateways and many more.

Features of Default IP Address.

   Although may look like a little strange address but there is actually nothing strange about this IP address. The IP address is the default IP address of many routers and consist of following features:

  • 168.1.254 IP Address is very easy to use and administer its software installation on device, for very first time install.
  • It contains 65,535 more other private addresses in it, since it is a private network with 16-bit block address space and is especially reserved to be used only on private, home or local networks.
  • All the devices connected to the router using as its default IP address are assigned with private addresses from same range such as, and so on.
  • It provides access to user to change or configure routers settings or made repairs on wireless router too.

How to Log In Admin?

­Generally, when you purchase a new router or modem, the manufacturer or your internet provider, also provides you a default username and password to connect your devices with your router and to protect you from unnecessary connections too. If you want to access your router login screen, you can simply do it by following steps:

Step 1. Always use a device that is connected to the router and if it isn’t then connect the device to router either via Wi-Fi connection or Ethernet cable.

Step 2. After connecting your device to your router, launch any of your favorite web browser on the device, and simply type in address bar and then press enter. Note: do not add www or any suffix such as .com, or .net.

Step 3. After you press enter you should see a login box or login panel, asking username and password assigned to your router. Type in your username and password and press enter or log in button.

Once you log in, you should be able to control your router i.e., you should gain access to configure your router’s settings as well as performing several other functions.

 How to Find your Router’s IP Address

Every electronic device which we use for communicating over internet has their own specific IP address including router or modem, you might notice that on the back side of any router or modem there are labels on which its IP address is printed. If in any case one forgets or don’t know what is their router’s IP address then they can find it in the manufacturer’s documentation or on the labels pasted at the back of router.

There are so many other ways to find the respective or default IP address of router which are as follows:

  • Finding IP address on Windows

Step 1. You can simply find your router’s IP address on windows. First click on start button and then in the search bar type cmd, and further select command prompt.

Step 2. After you perform step 1 a new window will open, then type ipconfig and hit enter button.

You will see the IP address of your router next to default gateway.


Step 1. Click on the network icon, you may find it on the right bottom of your desktop.

Step 2. Right click on it and select open network and sharing center from pop up menu.

Step 3. After then click on connections, you will be redirected to a new window where you will find a button named details, click on it.

Finally, you will see a window in which your router’s IP address will present next to default gateway.

  • Finding IP Address on Mac OS

Step 1. If you are using a device with Mac Operating System, to find your router’s IP Address you first need to go to utilities and then select terminal.

Step 2. You will see a new window or screen, then type “netstart-nr|grep default”, after that you will be redirected to a new window where you will find your router’s IP Address next to Default Gateway.

How to Change your Router’s IP Address

If you face any problem regarding accessing or while logging in to your router and want to change your IP Address then its quite simple. But before you change IP address of your router make sure to check its instruction guide, as most of the routers need to login to their web control panel. Now you can simply change your router’s IP Address by following these steps:

Step 1. First log in to your router, you can do it by opening a web browser and then typing your current IP address in the address bar and press enter button.

Step 2. Then a window will open up where you will need to type your username and password and then hit log in/enter button.

Step 3. Now go to LAN settings, you will be redirected to a new window and then go to DHCP settings.

Step 4. In the DHCP settings window type your new IP Address which will become your new IP Address and press save to save all the changes you have had made to your router.

Step 5. Now disconnect all the devices and reconnect them to your router by typing in new IP address and Password.


Now finally, we know that is a private IP address and is reserved to use within home network, you know how you can log into its admin panel and can configure its settings as per you like. I hope you find this article useful and it clears all your doubts regarding IP Address.

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