Top 7 Alternatives Of CricHD Live Streaming

Back in the day, sports fans would miss out on their favourite sporting event simply because they weren’t watching television or were at work. Thankfully, those days are over, as a multitude of online sports streaming services have offered their audiences with the most up-to-date sports information with just a click, from the comfort of their own homes.

In recent years, sports streaming websites have attracted a large audience; in fact, users prefer to watch their favourite sport on these websites rather than on television.

CricHD is a popular online sports streaming service. It may appear to be a cricket-only streaming service, but this is not the case! CricHD hosts a wide range of sports, ranging from basketball to football, rugby to darts and everything in between.

Apart from this massive variety of sports, users can also access a number of sports channels, including BT Sport, Sky Sport, Star Sport, Fox Sport, Ten Cricket, Ten Sport, and Ten Action, to mention a few. Audiences may watch these channels in real-time and on a 24/7 basis.


CricHD has millions of users that rely on it for sports news. Viewers may watch a variety of sports from across the world in high definition. Unfortunately, users have had some issues accessing it. CricHD also has certain limits, which are due to the possibility of being linked with an illegal source or not being able to access it owing to being in another country.

But we’ve come to your rescue with a variety of fantastic CricHD alternatives, all of which include an improved user interface and a vast range of athletic events to stream online.

Top 7 CricHD Live Streaming Alternatives

This piece is dedicated to cricket fans. We’ve compiled a list of some of the greatest CricHD Live Streaming. Let’s have a look at them now.

1. Hotstar

Hotstar allows customers to watch a wide range of athletic activities, from football to cricket, which can be found under the sports category. Hotstar is one such app that requires a payment before accessing its premium material, but once a user has upgraded to the premium version, Hotstar will be more than enough to satisfy your thirst for an amazing sporting event experience.

Hotstar offers a variety of channels, such as Star Sports, through which users can watch sporting events live, as well as highlights of previous matches, and all of this is available without the need for a premium subscription, allowing users to access it for free.

2. BBC iPlayer

The BBC iPlayer allows viewers to watch content in high definition. While this website may not have all athletic events, the majority of its content is free and legal, ensuring your safety while browsing and providing an interesting viewing experience.

It features a few choice sports, but the viewer can expect an overall fantastic experience with enticing aesthetics. The BBC iPlayer has a well-organized and designed interface that is simple to use.

3. SonyLIV

The official website of the Sony Network, SONY LIV, is a well-known online streaming platform with millions of subscribers. It offers a wide range of sporting activities, from the most recent matches to live streaming events, from highlights to the most recent episodes, allowing users to keep up with the newest sporting news and satisfy their demand for sports streams.

SONY TV offers free content, but if you want to watch the latest episodes of any show the day before, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium subscription. SONY LIV includes a professional logo and a well-designed header, as well as search tools for users to select their favourite athletic event.

4. Loala1 Television is a sports streaming portal with a wide range of sporting activities ranging from cricket to hockey, soccer to handball, and much more. Users may find a range of sports to stream and enjoy on Loala1.TV, which does not disturb their experience with frequent buffering.

This website, like the others, has an easy-to-use and dynamic interface, as well as comprehensive search features for swiftly finding your favourites without wasting time.

5. Sky Sports

Sky Sports is a similar platform to other competitors, but it has a lot more capabilities for watching sports online. It provides a diverse range of sporting events as well as an engaging user experience to satisfy one’s passion for sports.

Sky Sports offers a large and varied selection of sports to pick from. The user-friendly and simple-to-navigate interface of Sky Sports is well-known. This sports streaming platform is a strong contender to replace CricHD.

6. MyLiveCricket

Another excellent alternative to CricHD is Mylivecricket. It is a cricket-focused streaming platform that was created solely with cricket fans in mind. Matches from all over the world are available for live streaming. Audiences can watch sports online without having to pay a subscription fee. is a well-designed site with a user-friendly UI. Users may require an ad blocker to prevent pop-up adverts from ruining their viewing experience.

7. VipBox

VipBox offers a diverse and large selection of sporting events. It also provides a number of server links to ensure that users may access events without interruption. Users appreciate the fact that there are less pop-up adverts and that the website responds quickly. It’s one of the top CricHD alternatives because of its simple UI.


Despite its cricket-centric moniker, CricHD hosts a variety of athletic activities. It’s a fantastic service for sports fans who want to watch their favourite games without having to go through the effort of downloading them.

Unfortunately, users have had a less-than-exciting surfing experience at times, which could be due to a variety of factors; but, if problems persist, the above-mentioned alternatives are more than adequate to keep you up to date on your favourite sporting events! I hope the above-mentioned options prove to be of tremendous assistance.

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