9 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners

Video graphers’ brings immense beauty, unconditional virtue and captures some clips which speaks louder than the words and has a great message behind it. But, at the same time it’s not possible that every time you pack your bags go out get your lens zoomed and capture the shot, Yeahhhh! That’s a masterpiece, well this a matter of co-incidence, every time luck doesn’t stands at your back.

Getting a perfect shot requires a whole lot of calculation of lighting conditions, perfect timing and yes not to forget, a good pair of lens and a camera, which could eventually burn a hole in some of your pocket and desires too. But, not to worry, today we have bought some of the 9 Best Video Editing Software for Beginners for beginners’ especially, to customize the look and add features to your click and make it look magnificent, whether you’re a newbie or an expert these software is definitely going to help you out.


Why to Edit your Clips

The answer is simple “Branding” nowadays people believe what they see and the companies and agencies out there are taking this policy very seriously. Whether you are shooting a theme video for a company or promoting their product you need to get the best of them in just one single shot. Here comes the Best Video Editing Software packed with all the features that solve all the issues that stops you from getting the perfect clip.

How to Edit your Clips

Well, in this case you don’t need to scratch your head and waste much of your time in learning it, the software is ready to get going and is already loaded with a quick guide which will help you through the editing process, side by side it will also explain other dimensions of its capabilities so that next time, you will be able to explore it further according to your needs.

Here we have shortlisted some of the Best Video Editing Software available out there for you, which is almost free or has an attractive free trial, I’m sure this software could make a difference and get your task done on your little finger.

The review will be based on the software’s description, it’s scope, capability, pros and cons, and lastly the special hightlight.

All ready to go? Hold yourself tight, and let’s get started,

1. Blender

Among our top picks Blender comes first, it is operable on Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Blender is an open source software(OSS), for those who don’t know what an open source software is- an open source software provides the ease to the user to access the software’s code and further use it to change, modify, study or distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose. Further if we dive into its history, it was actually designed in 3D animation background.

The editor is really performs flawlessly with basic tasks such as video cropping, video splicing and much more, some features like video masking makes it an versatile Best Video Editing Software. This makes the software flexible for both beginners and the advanced users.


Features of Blender-

  • It has live preview, luma waveform, chroma vectorscope, along with histogram displays.
  • It can mix audio, sync it, along with scrubbing, and waveform visualization.
  • It has Up to 32 slots for adding video, along with images and audio with effects.
  • The plus point is that it has speed control adjustments layers, transition, , filters and much more.


It’s ideal for advanced users as it packs all the necessary options that includes the complex tasks to be done in effortlessly.



The linear array of features makes the learning phase quite a bit of complex as most of the tutorials are biased towards the 3D animation or modeling side. The resources to guide you with the video editing are very minimal.


Best For:

Bit of professional a project that involves 3D animations.


2. Lightworks

Holding second in our list we have LIghtworks, it is another great free Best Video Editing Software which is operable on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It is also one of the most powerful software in this list as it packs most of the features needed in a Best Video Editing Software that to in its free edition although the pro version costs around $25 per month.


Features of Lightwork:

  • It can trim videos with super high precision.
  • It supports Multicam.
  • It can export video of 720p to YouTube effortlessly.
  • It supports a whole bunch of video formats.


Significantly a powerful video editing software in this segment, with many advance features.



Firstly, the 4K video support is only available only in the paid version. Secondly, some beginners may find Lightworks too advanced.


Best for:

Flawlessly editing video on .


3. Shotcut

If you use Windows, Mac or Linux any one of it then this Best Video Editing Software could be the best pick for you as it is one of the best software in its segment. Shotcut, just like Blender, is also an open source software which means you can access the software’s code and further use it to change, modify, study or distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose, that too without paying even a penny.

The video editor has a wide radar over the video formats and boasts it with some amazing video editing tutorial videos. Although the software packs a whole bunch of impressive features yet some of the users may find it a bit flashy. Further if we dive into its history, we will see that It was originally developed in Linux, yet the quality of the video editor is complimenting.

Although it packs a whole bunch of impressive features yet there are two highlighting features which makes it stand out and they are, The 4K HD resolution support and the timeline editing, as these feature are not available in most of the editors especially for free.



It has old school type timeline  video editing and also it supports 4K HD resolution.



It has flashy interface which might be a turn down for some users.


Best for:

Video projects with 4K HD resolution.


4. Openshot

Openshot is entirely a open source software which again enables you to access the software’s code and further use it to change, modify, study or distribute the software to anyone and for any purpose.


Openshot is operable on Windows, Mac, Linux, if you are a Mac user you might find it quite familiar as it might resemble to that of the iMovie with its easy to use drag and drop interface. Although Openshot packs more feature compare to iMovies, which includes features like unlimited layers and audio mixing. This free editor is has the best balance between advanced feature and a very pleasant interface, along with it, the editor also allows real-time previews when you create a transition between clips.


Features of Openshot:

  • It supports unlimited tracks or layers.
  • It can resize clips, scale it, trim it, snapping, video rotation, and cutting video transitions along with real time previews.
  • Compositing, image overlays, watermarks.
  • It has title templates, title creation, subtitles feature, well if that’s not enough then explore this, the 3D animated titles feature.



It is an Open source software, it supports unlimited layers.



It has very limited video tutorial.


Best for:

Beginners who have just started budding around video editing.


5. Avidemux

If you have just started to beat around the bushes of video editing then this could be the best pick for you. It is operable on Windows, Mac, Linux. This software could help you perform basic tasks such as;


  • Simple cutting with good precision.
  • Encoding video files.
  • Filtering the video clips or maybe some unwanted shots.



It has very simple interface, and there is no need to read those boring technical manuals.


Doesn’t pack as many features as other video editors, and seriously lacks with some of the advanced features.


Best for:

Basic editing tasks for beginners.

6. InVideo

The in Video editor is operable only on Windows and Mac. This editor is favourable for marketers, publishers, individuals and agencies. The editing software could be goon for various feature like team collaboration, video stabilization. The users compliment it for its amazing customer service.


Feature of inVideo:

  • It has a good number of audio tool
  • It has good Brand or text overlay
  • Ideal for collaboration
  • You can decide the speed of the video clip with the speed adjustment feature.
  • It can split or even merge your video clips.
  • And a plus point, it supports HD resolution.
  • It has video stabilization feature.



Eveready to make quick presentation videos.



It doesn’t come with all the important features; you cannot add more than one audio file.


Best For:

Creating marketing videos or lenticels for your blog.

7. iMovie

Holding the stance iMovie is only operable on Mac. Overall you could have a basic experience and you will be able to learn the basics of learning, due to its drag and drop interface, other than that don’t expect it to do wonders.


Features of iMovie:

  • It has a library with good collection of pre-made transitions.
  • It allows video trimming obviously.
  • It allows audio trimming.
  • Supports split screen feature.
  • Again a plus point that it supports 4K resolution.



It is easy to learn.



Advanced users may find features limited; import and render times can be a little slow.


Best for:

Ideal for Mac users who wants to try video editing.


8. VSDC Free Video Editor

This would be my personal pick as it is the best free Best Video Editing Software available for Windows, yes it is operable only on Windows. The free version offers a whole lot of impressive features such as colour correction and audio editing.

If you want to unleash more, you will have to get the pro version which would cost you around $20 and this will include image stabilization, voice over support, and visual waveform.



Relatively more powerful with features to learn video editing in one go.



Technical support is not free; it is operable only on Windows.


Best for:

Video projects based on Windows

9. Freemake Video Converter

Basically it is a video converter that converts or modifies video file into audio files. It is simple and fast. Its main purpose is to convert videos into different formats so that we can play it using different devices.


Features of Freemake:

  • You can add subtitles for any video clips.
  • It supports more than 500 video formats and you can also convert one video format into another.
  • It performs some basic tasks like cut, join or rotating video clips.
  • It also supports 4K video resolution.



No specialized knowledge is required to use it.


In the beginning phase of installation some of the features are locked for 3 days.

Best for:

Converting videos from one format to another.


Here we have some of the best editing software some are included in the list due to their advanced features and some because of their popularity, well you need to understand your requirements and then choose one of them, and get going.

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